Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sylvester Lovey Blankie

Thufferin Thuccotash!
Every pattern purchase saves lives!!
All proceeds go to benefit my local NO KILL animal shelter.
Another labor of love...and it's all for them.
Another CUTE Pattern for an even CUTER cause...

This is a written pdf pattern for my Sylvester Lovey Blankie.
It measures appx. 16 inches square.

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Pattern is rated Intermediate.

Must have advanced working knowledge of amigurumi crochet techniques, sl st, sc, dc, chain, shell st, and basic granny square design.

Please read ahead on how to do these techniques before starting this or any project. It will make things so much easier if you have a full working knowledge of all terms and techniques used.

PDF includes written instructions along with lots and lots of photos to help in creation and assembly. I really hope you enjoy my cute & fun design!!

Many thanks for your support!!

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