I Made The Newspaper

A nice lady in Kansas was kind enough to scan and send me this clipping from the newspaper.
I plan to make another large donation very soon.
A very special THANKS goes out to everyone who has purchased patterns, supported this cause, and made this all possible!!!


  1. Thanks for all you do for the animals from a fellow animal lover. You are a superstar!!

    1. I love helping all I can and thank you for the lovely comment and for being an animal lover too!!

  2. I am so glad I came across your site, With the baby bloom in work and also family members I was looking online for some snuggle blankets which brought me to your adorable pattens and I was hooked. However further to my delite seeing that all your hard work is to raise funds and benefit these animals!! A huge animal lover myself brings a tear to the eye and a huge smile, what you are doing is amazing!! I am so glad you got a mention in the paper, well deserved, I am saving you in my favourites and will definitely be purchasing all my patterns from you now even more so that the funds raised for all your creations and work is being used for these animals!! xx Tina

  3. You are amazing and well deserved.
    I am even more glad I came across your site on line, so many at work having babies that originally started looking for snuggle blankets to make and now so happy I found you, what you are doing is so sweet and amazing for all these animals, I am 100 per cent going to keep coming back, From one animal lover to another Huge thanks xx Tina from the UK